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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 3-14-16

1. The Winter Sounds - "Boys, You Won't (the Wrens cover)" from "Boys, You Won't (the Wrens cover)"
2. case/lang/veirs - "Atomic Number" from "case/lang/veirs"
3. Jed Whedon and the Willing - "Let Her Go" from "Like Snow"
4. The Brices - "Snow Dazed" from "Snow Dazed"
5. The Rifters - "A Hundred Miles" from "Architecture Of A Fire"
6. Up The Chain - "No Waiting Lines" from "The Prison Break"
7. Ski Lodge - "Crush Your Heart" from "New Life"
8. Young In The City - "Tina" from "Young In The City"
9. The Zolas - "swooner" from "Swooner"
10. Ratboys - "And" from "AOID"
11. Dead Trains - "Gasoline" from "County Road Bound"
12. The Love Junkies - "Nobody" from "Nobody"
13. H. DJ Pancake - "Nothing" from "Any City Now"
14. Vulture Whale - "Raised Doubts" from "Aluminum"
15. Doug C and the Blacklisted - "Hit and Run" from "Hit and Run"

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