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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 3-7-16

1. Glen Hansard - "Didn't He Ramble" from "A Season On The Line"
2. Two Ton Twig - "Just Like Me" from "The Molting Session"
3. Jason Paulson - "I Don't Wanna Go Home" from "crow river ramble"
4. Telegram - "Taffy Come Home" from "Operator"
5. The Sun Days - "Don't Need To Be Them" from "The Sun Days"
6. The Dead Ships - "Company Line" from "Company Line"
7. Sierra Hull - "Lullaby" from "Weighted Mind"
8. Hayes Carll - "Sake Of The Song" from "Lovers and Leavers"
9. Mavis Staples - "Don't Cry" from "Livin' On A High Note"
10. Reckless Love - "Monster" from "inVader"
11. Latvian Radio - "Power Lines and Bedroom Blinds" from "Until Tomorrow Gets In The Way"
12. The Teen Age - "Glade Dreams" from "Bad Seed"

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