return to Presents New NJ Music 3-7-16

1. Lost In Society - "I Want to Know" from "Modern Illusions"
2. Feeny - "Altercations" from "No Beauty In Routine"
3. 3rd Time's A Charm - "Tip Toe" from "Local Zero"
4. Staten - "Madonna" from "Saint"
5. Luke Petela - "black coffee (demo)" from "demos from the dining room table"
6. Dylan Young - "Must Be Love" from "Must Be Love"
7. Art Of Edgar - "Pocket Change" from "Art Of Edgar"
8. The Hand Me Downs - "Don't Wanna" from "Demo 2016"
9. Insanity Theory - "Waste Away Girl" from "From the Band Room"
10. Timothy Hay - "Bruce Banner Walks" from "Time Has a Way"
11. Sleep In. - "Wisdom Teeth" from "Sleep In. 7""
12. Wishwell - "Bury Me" from "Reasons EP"
13. Clam Jam - "TMTMI" from "This Isn't Women's Basketball"
14. Tuff Turf - "Out On The Streets" from "Hunger & Haunt"
15. Goodbye The Band - "Did You Have One Of Those Moms?" from "The Pink Singing Computer: Songs, Vol. 1"
16. Rob Jennings - "Feed Into Love" from "Feed Into Love"
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