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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 2-29-16

1. James - "nothing but love" from "Girl At The End Of The World"
2. Astra Heights - "you got the heart" from "you got the heart"
3. The Currys - "firestarter" from "West Of Here"
4. High Waisted - "door" from "door"
5. The Raveonettes - "Run Mascara Run" from "Run Mascara Run"
6. Pretty Gritty - "a thousand miles from nowhere" from "lonely road"
7. The Boxcars - "I'm dreaming of you" from "familiar with the ground"
8. The Wild Lips - "kerosene" from "live at Big Sound"
9. Robert Pollard - "I Can Illustrate" from "Of Course You Are"
10. South Of France - "washed up" from "washed up"
11. Skating Polly - "perfume for now" from "the big fit"
12. Journalism - "faces I" from "faces"
13. Culture Abuse - "peace on earth" from "peach"

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