return to Presents New NJ Music 2-29-16

1. Shotgun Bill - "howlin' moon" from "the b-sides"
2. Ken Alt - "never been this blue" from "Ken Alt"
3. Ben Greenblatt - "You Make Me Okay" from "The Past Six Months, or How I Learned to Smile Again"
4. The Double Negatives - "Lucy" from "The Double Negatives Demo"
5. Can't Swim - "way it was" from "death deserves a name"
6. Three Cheers Too Late - "I Hope You Will" from "Call Me Randy"
7. Pinegrove - "old friends" from "Cardinal"
8. the rosario focus - "B​.​I​.​T​.​L​.​S​.​I​.​T​.​W." from "unreleased tracks"
9. Gates - "Captive" from "Captive"
10. America's Sweetheart - "Liquid Center" from "Liquid Center"
11. Lisa Coppola - "Just A Little Time" from "Just A Little Time"
12. Korbein - "Red Rooster Crows At Midnight" from "Scars Into Stars"
13. Cashbomb - "overwhelmed" from "In Case If My Truck Break Down"
14. Grave Architecture - "jimmy sees ghosts" from "seafloor"
15. brenwell montgomery and the stone-cold sobers - "in which we get drunk and break shit and yell and feel alive" from "love songs for sara and for people who love songs"
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