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1. All Sensory Void - "Normalcy" from "Chasing Transcendence"
2. Frogg Party - "Happy Cat and The Unlucky Bridge" from "Demos and Ish"
3. Owl Kill - "Find A Way" from "Find A Way"
4. Jim Testa - "Ted Cruz Blues" from "'Jim Testa For President"
5. Brandon Broderick - "Your Train (01​.​19​.​16)" from "Trenton Social, Trenton, NJ (January 19th, 2016)"
6. Thrift Store Brassiere - "i could have loved you" from "i'll be out sick next week"
7. Midnight Mosaic - "blush and blue" from "a little sun thing..."
8. Wishwell - "Will We Wait" from "Will We Wait"
9. Rob Jennings - "Feed Into Love" from "Feed Into Love"
10. Staten - "flowers" from "Rimbaud be damned"
11. Romp - "avoiding boys" from "departure from venus"
12. The Satisfactors - "Sweet Sunshine" from "Out of the Garage Volume One"
13. Grey Goes Black - "please" from "Live @ The Brighton Bar 1​/​22​/​16"
14. Skot Meyer - "make me you" from "one pair of hands"
15. Voice Of Doom - "Belial" from "scared to death"