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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 2-8-16

1. Anya Marina - "gimme resurrection" from "paper plane"
2. The Crookes - "the world is waiting" from "lucky ones"
3. Secret Stuff - "golden sound" from "this is fine"
4. Admiral Sir Cloudesly Shovell - "Isobelle" from "Isobelle"
5. Beastmaker - "you must sin" from "you must sin ep"
6. Silver Snakes - "raindance" from "saboteur"
7. The Winterlings - "when we were young" from "you are acres"
8. Roosevelt Dime - "American girl" from "American girl"
9. Old Man Canyon - "tomorrow man" from "Delirium"
10. Starlight Girls - "hero" from "Fantasm"
11. The Magic Fountain - "Song for Dong Island" from "The Magic Fountain LP"
12. Resurrection Kings - "livin out loud" from "Resurrection Kings"