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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 2-1-16

1. Rage Of Angels - "nothing to brag about" from "Out Of The Garage Vol One"
2. The Clifftones - "bright side" from "Enemies Scatter"
3. Mavis Staples - "high note" from "Livin' On A High Note"
4. Sean McVerry - "marcy and the apparition" from "Kerosene"
5. Jumpcuts - "headlights" from "Fiber Optic Bondage"
6. Mandroid Echostar - "midnight sun" from "coral throne"
7. Garrett Klahn - "friday nights 1969" from "Garrett Klahn"
8. Dr. Dog - "bring my baby back" from "The Psychedelic Swamp"
9. Jack Shriner - "e. minor" from "The Fluid Ounce"
10. Violent Femmes - "memory" from "We Can Do Anything"
11. Buhu - "daytona beach" from "Relationshapes"
12. Baaba Maal - "fulani rock" from "The Traveller"
13. The Textones - "running (live)" from "Midnight Mission [reissue]"
14. The Chords UK - "I can't let go" from "Out Of The Garage Vol One"