return to Presents New NJ Music 2-1-16

1. Romp - "last year" from "departure from venus"
2. Abdel Torres - "Put the fun in funeral" from "'demo"
3. Oh, Joy! - "Cap'n Salty" from "idgafam (demos)"
4. Hannah Mary Burke - "Better, Not Bitter" from "Art Can't Be Bad!"
5. The World Turning - "A Treacherous Journey to a Broken Heart's Apartment" from "The Walk - EP"
6. Ian Matthew Keller - "Ain't no chosen one" from "21"
7. Aroarus - "Killer Instinct" from "Aroarus"
8. Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam - "My Superpower" from "My Superpower"
9. Buggy - "sober" from "shity"
10. Son of Dov - "ML King (Jon Caspi cover)" from "ML King (Jon Caspi cover)"
11. J.T. Makoviecki - "Do Not Throw The Cause Away" from "American Songbook Vol. 3"
12. Joseph Alton Miller - "winding wheel (Ryan Adams cover)" from "Songs of Travel for the Vagabond"
13. Boys In Crop Tops - "The Hills (cover)" from "boys in crop tops | the weeknd"
14. The Chimney Sweeps - "eventually" from "demos"
15. Worn. - "I'll try" from "demo"
16. I Have Been Floated - "The Nassau Street Blues" from "Fine Vibrations"
17. Rob Jennings - "I can't call you" from "I can't call you"