return to Presents New NJ Music 1-25-16

With Live365 (which hosts our internet radio stream) in the process of shutting down, we are working on new ways to keep our New Music show going.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

1. Blame The Kids - "better" from "acoustic"
2. Long Neck - "mint talker" from "'lil neck' fall demos"
3. krissanthemum - "violet to blue" from "i drank as much coffee as my little body would allow me to..."
4. In Theory - "Turning Over A New Leaf" from "Complacency"
5. Reverb To Maine - "A Place In Hell (Quiet Mix)" from "eighties"
6. Dryjacket - "Bill Gates Ringtone" from "Bill Gates Ringtone"
7. Dookieshecky - "my keys" from "More Songs I Trash Picked"
8. Holy City Zoo - "Stan Lee's cup" from "no bunting"
9. Frogg Party - "blue glass" from "fashionably late"
10. Sundried Everything - "cegull" from "Sundried Everything"
11. Squid Brothers Inc. - "down" from "live squid"
12. Nick Conte - "12% interest" from "nothing hip about it"
13. Fathers Of Stealth - "crooked smiles" from "PsychoFuzz"
14. J Thoubbs - "threat level" from "unreleasable material"
15. Complex Stairs - "The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors" from "52 weeks"
16. Zoo Keys - "Trudgin' On" from "Violent Ends EP"