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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 1-18-16

With Live365 (which hosts our internet radio stream) in the process of shutting down, we are working on new ways to keep our New Music show going.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

1. Brett Harris - "end of the rope" from "up in the air"
2. The Bomb Shelter Dropouts - "stupid acoustic song" from "impeckable"
3. Bob Mould - "voices in my head" from "patch the sky"
4. Shutterwax - "nothing left but breathing" from "nothing left but breathing"
5. Jimkata - "in the moment" from "in motion"
6. Zoe Zac - "maximum" from "maximum"
7. The Gills - "lemonade" from "lemonade"
8. Pugwash - "hung myself out to dry" from "Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends)"
9. The Longwalls - "zombies!" from "live at the bridge"
10. Terry Urban - "biggie stardust" "biggie stardust"
11. Pikachunes - "love is a battlefield (feat. Aviva)" from "love is a battlefield (feat. Aviva)"
12. Kingdoms - "hotline bling (Drake cover)" from "hotline bling (Drake cover)"