return to Presents New NJ Music 1-18-16

With Live365 (which hosts our internet radio stream) in the process of shutting down, we are working on new ways to keep our New Music show going.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

1. Matt Collaborate - "drink it down" from "come fill the cup ep"
2. Wood Madison - "rogue wave" from "milkshakes"
3. Bike Routes - "jersey devil" from "evolution at its finest"
4. Like-Minded - "my civil war" from "Like-Minded"
5. Suspecting Victim - "peter pan syndrome" from "bust"
6. Reverb To Maine - "red desert race (2016 mix)" from "the queens lite project (2016 mixes)"
7. Basement Beers - "troy barnes' toy barns" from "nothing outstanding"
8. Tim Mountain - "tiles" from "kitchen songs"
9. Brandon Broderick - "down the line" from "The Minstrel, Morristown, NJ (January 8th, 2016)"
10. In Tent City - "joshua" "the acorn album"
11. 23 Missed Calls - "winds hands" from "lost winter"
12. Amanda Fama - "gold" from "I'm the addict"
13. Dollys - "derek" from "friendly derek"
14. The Wailing Kids - "song for myself" from "blossom"
15. Upstate - "breaking me down" from "point of no return - ep"