return to Presents New NJ Music 1-11-16

With Live365 (which hosts our internet radio stream) in the process of shutting down, we are working on new ways to keep our New Music show going.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

1. Cold Weather Company - "wide-eyed" from their upcoming second album
2. Kyle Cooke - "monologue" from the album, "warmest winter"
3. I Am Too Old to Be Afraid of the Dark - "four" from the album, "random tracks"
4. Rob Jennings - "normal conversations" from the album, "Rob Jennings"
5. Ernston - "surf's up" from the album, "hamartia"
6. The Clocktown Giants - "crystalline clocks" from the single, "crystalline clocks"
7. Little Rooney - "norms house" from the single, "pissbaby"
8. Teenage Halloween - "tiki party" from the album, "it was weird, but it worked"
9. Killin' It - "funky bass" from the EP, "dead last"
10. Goodbye The Band - "tamra lynn" from the album, "death to johnny american: 2007-09"
11. 23 Missed Calls - "like sheep" from the single, "ridding"
12. Pigshell Gods - "halfway" from the EP, "one"
13. Matt Scuteri - "into the fire" from the album, "wild blue"
14. Staten - "solace" from the album, "st x st (what a time to be dead)"
15. Shabazz Talib - "radio ft. Staten (prod. Dopant Beats)" from the album, "st x st (what a time to be dead)"
16. Just The Messenger - "new shit!" from the album, "just the beginning"