return to Presents New NJ Music 1-4-16

With Live365 (which hosts our internet radio stream) in the process of shutting down, we are working on new ways to keep our New Music show going.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Note: Tracks are listed in a playlist order to approximate what it would have sounded like on the broadcast.

1. The Wailing Kids - "menace"

from the single, "meance"

2. Despite The Raven - "man falls"

from the album, "hereinafter"

3. Fence - "karl"

from the album, "karl"

4. Dookieshecky - "addies@ease"

from the album, "Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese: The Beast Awakens"

5. Ben Gravy - "thank you"

from the album, "June Bug | Acoustic Tracks"

6. Larée Cisco - "Punk Rock Three (Apocalypse Via Acoustic Guitar)"

from the EP, "Now That's What I Call Larée"

7. Dollys - "drive on"

from the album, "drive on nye"

8. Matt Collaborate - "hell and peace"

from the album, "Podcast 10​.​25​.​15"

9. Lauren Marsh - "promise"

from the EP, "veracity"

10. Easyfeat - "rocket ship"

from the EP, "Sasquatch Sessions"

11. Boogie Bored - "jumped the gun"

from the single, "jumped the gun"

12. Cash Test Dummy - "I can't throw you"

from the EP, "leave this here"