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Established on December 15th, 2000 by Lazlo, sought to be a refuge for people, tired of mainstream radio's refusal to regularly play New Jersey musicians.

Some NJ (and even NYC?!?!?) stations claim to be "Jersey's Rock Radio", but their idea of "Jersey rock" is playing music by Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, My Chemical Romance, or other well known NJ artists.

New Jersey's original music scene has countless amazing local bands that deserve radio attention.

That's why plays homegrown music from the Garden State.

So if you really want to hear "Jersey's Rock Radio", blow up your radio* and log onto the Where NJ Rock Lives!

* does not seriously suggest that you "blow up" your radio. Just turn it off and turn on your computer

If you are a New Jersey based original musician and would like your music played on contact us at

Note: If you are not a New Jersey based artist (or your sites/social media accounts say you are based out of somewhere other than New Jersey), than your music can be submitted for our specialty shows like Lazlo's Den